Seoul offers one of the most convenient transportation with reasonable price in the world.


These are the links for the latest seoul metro map in few different languages.

map_korea map_english map_china  map_japan

How to use the metro

Here’s a brief video that you can see what it’s like.

This video was uploaded on youtube about 4 years ago, so it’s a bit outdated but it still shows you the brief idea of seoul metro.



Trains in Korea are famous for its punctuality, neatness, and expeditiousness. You can travel between cities easily with train.

More information about the train :

You may book your tickets online at here. You can choose your language on the top right corner.

Make sure to check out the KR Pass if you are planning to travel several other cities.

*KR Pass is an exclusive train pass for foreigners which has unlimited train rides on KORAIL trains up to certain days(it depends on the type of pass). There are absolutely no limits on the number of times you travel within the day pass period you chose, and no limits on travel area. However, if you are considering to stay only in one city, or visit one another city, I wouldn’t recommend to buy the KR Pass.

Taxis (Cabs)

There are loads of cabs, and it is very easy to catch one on the road, but I would recommend the public transportation during the rush hour because of the traffic jam.



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